The Job Status Report allows the ability to execute a potentially long-running report, without affecting performance. You can keep working as the job runs. When the job completes, you can export the report directly to Excel and save it.  Or you can keep it in the history of the Job Status Report by not deleting it.    Check this report for your finished product when ready to download and/or view.

Columns are described for figure below as follows: (Sort order is from most recent to latest)

  1. Description - Type of report in the queue.
  2. Host - Host that report is pulling data from.
  3. Study - Study that report is pulling date from.
  4. User - User who ran the report.
  5. Job Start - Date and Time of job start.
  6. Job End - Date and Time of job end.
  7. Job % Complete - Percent complete of report at that moment in time.
  8. Job Status - Status of report at that moment in time.
  9. Display - Download or click to view report.
  10. Rows - Rows of report to display in report.