In an ongoing effort to improve communication of enhancements and changes made to Clinical Studio, version release notes are being made available to all users. 

We look forward to your continued feedback. Thanks for using Clinical Studio!


All users - Speed up and simplify your Subject Records

Now you can choose an alternate and simplified view when displaying subjects' records

Just use the links as highlighted in the image below to hide away the clutter! 

Inventory Management

Study Administrators can now centrally manage inventories for products used in studies. Multiple products can be managed in parallel. 

Site users can manage their own site product inventories and assign items to subjects. The mobile app can even be used to scan barcodes for approving or assigning inventory items without typing in long codes or serial numbers! Read more.

Site/User audit report

Ever wondered why Johnny Data no longer has access to site A, or who removed him? Administrative users can now open a report that provides complete history on users' study/site assignments - when they were added, removed, activated, or deactivated. Read more.


Fixed an issue where time fields containing 12:00 AM or 0000 were seen by the system as blank values.