• All Users:

Clinical Studio just got FASTER.

If your study was slow at loading forms, or the form logic was slow to respond as you filled out forms, we know the latest version will make data entry a breeze moving forward!

Don't miss those required fields.

We all miss required fields occasionally. On top of that, if any other data checking was in place on those missed fields, there are often multiple errors on the same field. We've changed that. Now, when fields are required, but not filled in, that will be the only error that fires until the field is completed. After that, the form will fire appropriate edit checks on the data.

  • Study Builders:

For you study builders out there, feel free to use the rich text editor on the Form Builder page to add URL links right on your forms. Examples might be to direct a user to an external website, such as data dictionaries, IRB sites, AE reporting sites, etc.

  • Some little bugs were squashed as well. 

Thanks for using Clinical Studio. Your feedback is incredibly valuable in our continuous improvement.