Upload fields have a property to set so the field displays as one of the following media fields when the form is opened on a user's mobile app:

  • Analog Signature - Use finger/stylus to sign or scribble on a form
  • Audio Recording - Record audio to an mp3 file
  • Still Image - Snap a photo to a jpeg file
  • Video Recording - Record a video to an mp4 file

To set up one these fields for use on mobile devices, use the Special Type property highlighted below for upload fields.

Each of the special type media fields will be displayed on the mobile app as shown below.

Audio Upload Fields allow a user to speak into a hand-held device microphone and directly upload an audio file to a patient record. Tap the red record button to start recording, tap the square box to stop recording. Tap the play button to review your audio. To re-record just repeat the steps.

Still Photo Upload Fields allow a user to take pictures in real time or select an existing photo from a camera roll and upload to a patient record. Tap on the camera icon to take a photo from the device or select the camera roll icon to choose an existing photo from a hand-held device.

Video Upload Fields enables the production and upload of a video into a patient record.  Play the video by clicking the play icon.