There are three different types of users who sign up to use TrialKit based on the part they serve to help clinical research:

Study Host - For those who would like to build and conduct studies of their own or on behalf of an organization.

Patient - For those who would like to explore the studies available on TrialKit and privately request to take part in a registered study. These are searchable by location and therapeutic areas.

Investigator - For those who would like to explore studies available on TrialKit, by therapeutic area and geographic location, and request to be an official investigator/provider for the sponsor or host conducting the study.

After downloading the TrialKit app, you can immediately create your own account or login to access any studies you have been made a member of by someone else. A single login will allow you to access everything you belong to, even if your role across studies is different. 

When creating your own account, the system will email instructions for logging in. When someone else adds you to their account, the system will notify you via email that you were included in another account, but you will use the same login credentials you have already established.

If you don't immediately receive an email after creating an account, please check your junk mail folder as these can sometimes get filtered out of inboxes. If you still don't see the email, tap the forgot password option on the sign in screen to have a new message sent.

Instructions for registering on TrialKit:

1. Tap the Sign Up button

2. Select which type of participant you are registering as.

3. Tap the Sign Up button and check your email for instructions on Signing In.

After registering and logging in, check out one of these articles on where to begin:

Study HostsTrialKit overview and guides

Patients and InvestigatorsExploring studies and requesting to become a participant