If you created a TrialKit account or were added to a study by someone else, you would have received an initial email with information for logging in and setting your login credentials. 

After logging in, you will have the option of selecting from accounts and studies of which you are a member. Use the menu items described below to view the accounts and studies you are part of and change to a different one. 

If you just registered for an account, you won't have any studies yet. Read here on how to easily create your first study.

Use the image and descriptions below to read about each item in the main menu.

Depending the roles and permissions in each study, not all users will see the same options on the main menu. 

1. Name of the current study you are working in and the role you serve in the study. If you belong to more than one study, see item 7 below for switching.

2. Shortcut to the Subjects tab (item 12 in the navigation bar).

3. Change the role you play in the study. This is a permission granted by Study Administrators and will not display for most users. Read here for more info.

4. Host (Account) Configuration - Used to add users, sites, and studies to the account.

5. Study Configuration - Used to do all things related to the study setup and design.

6.  Host: "Account Name" - Used to switch between different accounts of which you are a member. Must be a member of at least 2 hosts to see this option.

7. Study: "Study Name" - Used to switch between different studies of which you are a member. Must be a member of at least 2 studies to see this option.

8. Host Account - Host Administrators can edit the name and contact info for the account here.

9. Reset your password here. This can also be done from the sign in screen before logging in.

10. TrialKit requires manually signing out. The app will not do this automatically.

11. Study Dashboard - Displays a variety of the most helpful information related to the progress of the current study.

12. Access to subject records where subjects are added to the study and CRFs are entered.

13. Various useful reports.

14. Tap Help to come to this website and read documentation or request support.

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