Studies are created and named in the Study Manager. Pre-existing studies can also be copied and reproduced in the Study Manager. 

To access the Study Manager, tap on the Host Configuration option from the Main Menu as shown below. 

Followed by the Study manager option:

After opening the Study Manager, any existing studies under the current account will be listed as shown below. 

To add a new study, tap the link at the top of the screen.

Lastly, complete the fields shown below and tap the Save Study button. The study name, ID, and type can all be changed later if needed. The Study Type dropdown options are: Production and Testing/Training. Studies will almost always start as testing/training studies. Once the account is licensed for a study to go live, this will change to Production status.

If the option to select a Default Study appears, the dropdown can be used to select the desired study from which a copy can be made to create the new study. The Default Study dropdown will not be displayed for first studies; however, the system will generate a starting template. When a new study is created the system generates a set of CRFs in addition to configuring default study settings, roles and permissions. This makes study building incredibly simple for an organization that may run many of the same protocol designs.

Once the build is complete, you can navigate to the new study in the Study Manager where you are able to select Subject and Investigator Recruitment properties. This is not required, but allows your study to be publicly listed for sites and patients who are searching for studies in which to participate by study type or by location.