Clinical Studio has a powerful feature called Versioning to make compliant and controlled changes to studies without needing to pause the study. Study subjects can run on multiple versions in parallel.

When a study versioning is enabled in the Study Functionality, a Study Version Control option will appear in the Study Configuration:

Version Control (see image below)

1. New studies will automatically have one version in place with In Development status. Swipe left on a version in the list to publish, unpublish, or delete - whichever action(s) is applicable will be available.

2. Enter/edit version number, effective date, description of version, and if conditional actions should run when sites/subjects are migrated to the version.

3. Tap New to clear form and create new version. This only needs to be done if the previous version has been published

4. Update Version button - Tap button to save or update details.

5. Migrate Subject records to new version or include site(s) in a specific version

Including sites in a version or migrating subjects:

Drag the desired version of the study over to a site or individual subject. By enabling the "Migrate all Subjects" at the top, dragging a version to a site will automatically migrate the existing subjects. Take note, in the image above, when the version was defined, if conditional actions will be run by the system when sites/subjects are migrated.

The system limits studies to having one development version at a time. As each version is published, the form shown above can be used to add a new development version.