Electronic Case Report Forms (eCRFs) used for data collection are created and managed in the Study Level Form Manager

The Study Level Form Manager is accessed within the Study Configuration from the main menu:

To begin building, tap the Study Level Form Manager option:

This opens the Form Builder canvas where existing forms can be edited or new forms created.  

The remainder of this document will identify each of the functional elements of the Form Builder.

Select the links below to read more about each item annotated in the image below.

1. Form librariessave, and create new form functions

2. Form properties and page naming

3. Shortcut to conditional actions for the element currently selected

4. Collapse properties / expand workspace

5. Form canvas - workspace where forms are created and edited 

6. Toolbox - field types available for building forms

7. Basic field properties for the field currently selected in the workspace

8. Detailed form or field properties, depending on the element selected in the workspace

9. Editing functions

10. Button for showing/hiding query icons that users may see on their forms

11. Data Dictionary - Exports all attributes and form logic related to the form that is currently open

12. Merge Labels with checkbox fields

13. Preview form on entire screen

14. Exit the form builder. Prompt to save first may be necessary.