The User Manager is where users are added to the account/host and managed. Adding a user at the Host level must be done as a precursor to adding the user to the appropriate site within a study and designating their study role.

To add a user, open the User Manager from Host Configuration option in the main menu.

This will open a list of all existing users. Tap the Add New User link at the top of the screen to fill out the user's details.

When filling out a user's details, the email address is of importance for the system to email their login instructions.

Host Role - In most cases, this will be No Access

The roles set up at the host level are the choices you will see here. The Administrator option will give the user access to TrialKit Builder to make changes to the account.

No Access simply means the user will have no access at the Host level. Instead, they will have a role at the study level, as designated here.

Selecting Save will open up the screen below with additional options, including the ability to send the user sign in info.  However, this is not suggested if the user is not yet part of any sites/studies.

See annotations below the image:

1. User information

2. User's host level role (this is not the study level role). Most users here, as mentioned above will be No Access.

3. Reset a user's sign in info and send them new information. Users can also do this on their own via their Forgot Password link during sign in.

4. Deactivate a user on the host if they are no longer involved. This is an alternative to deleting the user entirely.

5. Toggle the study which the user will be a part of. This is necessary before the user will be visible in the corresponding study's site/user configuration (use the link below to learn more about that).

Read more about designating users' study roles and assigning them to sites here.