Query Management Configuration can be found in the Study Configuration of the main menu.

See definitions below for each of the items seen on the screen.

Query Configuration Settings: 

1. Query Coding Type:

    a. Interval - Interval Query

    b. Visit/Event - Visit/Event Query

    c. Field - Field Query

    d. Close Query - Closing the query when completed

2. Add - Ability to add reason for query type (more details below)

3. Query Notifications

    a. Send Notification for Each New Query - Check this to send a notification for each new query

    b. Send Notification for Each Query Message - Check this to send a notification for each new query message

    c. Do Not Send Notifications to Site - Check this to block any and all notifications to site

    d. Only Send Notifications for Manual Queries - Check this to send notifications out for Manual Queries only by your monitors or data managers

4. Query Deployment

    a. Check any role query deployment is desired for

5. Save Query Configuration button - Be certain to save your work

6. Done - Tap Done when finished setting up your study-wide query configuration settings

To add a new (or edit) query choice for the users to select from, follow the steps below:

1. Select which Query Coding Type to add a response for. The current list of "canned" responses will be displayed in the list. Swipe to delete or tap and hold to reorder.

2. Add or update an existing choice.

3. New - Clear the form and make a new response.

4. Save Query Configuration - Save your new query coding canned responses.