The form library is where forms for a study are stored and managed from. It can be accessed from the Form Manager.

Tap the Open button to open an existing form or the New button to create a new form.

Tap an existing form to open it, or use the filters at the top to search for specific versions saved either on the cloud or locally on the device.

Forms can also be exported/imported to universal form libraries - both public and private options - for reusing across different studies. Private Form Libraries can be created from the Host Configuration.

After a form has been opened and edited, it can be saved by tapping the save button:

To rename the form, change the "Form Name" field at the upper right corner of the screen.

To Save the form as a new one, tap the Save As button:

See the descriptions below the next image for instructions on saving.

1. Type a new form name. This will create a new copy of the form currently open in the form builder.

2. Tap an existing form to overwrite it with the form that is currently open. A prompt message will ask for confirmation.

Note, only the most recent development version, selected in the filters at the top, can have form changes made. Read more about versioning here.

Creating different versions of the same form to display on different screen sizes

After creating a form to display on larger screens (desktop or large tablets), the layout and field sizes can be altered to display optimally on an iphone or iPad simply by making a copy, renaming it, and changing the layout.

To save the form as one that will only display on iPhones or iPads, type "_iphone" or "_ipad" at the end of the form name with no spaces. In this way, each study can have a main version of the form that displays on the website, but also a version with a more mobile-friendly layout. When using these naming conventions, its important to remember to always make changes to the main form. The iphone or ipad versions must only contain layout changes.

Form sequence

Forms are displayed to users in a specific sequence for completion. That sequence is easily determined by the order the forms are listed in the Form Manager. To change the sequence, simply drag and drop the forms in the list shown in the image above. Note, by default users will not be forced to complete forms in sequence. This only determines the order the forms are displayed within the Subjects tab.

Read the Form Building Guide for additional help with creating or editing forms.