The Form Builder Toolbox contains every field type a user would ever need to build powerful eCRFs to collect study data as shown below. 

The list below contains a brief description of each data field type which can be placed on the Form Builder canvas using iOS drag and drop gestures. 

Consult the Form Building Guide for help building forms using each of these field types.

Field TypeDescription
Formattable text used to provide a label for a data point or instruction for a user
Image Label
Embedded image that can be placed on the form for users to reference. Use the sketch pad field if you want users to annotate the image
Used to collect short alphanumeric text
Alphanumeric text in larger quantity
Text in email address format  
A text field with a barcode scanner attached. Used to quickly scan a barcode using the device camera directly into the text field. Read more here.
Used to collect number values or perform automated calculations
Adds a sliding control for the user to enter a number/value in a tactile manner
V-SliderA vertical slider that offers more detailed characteristics than the horizontal slider above. Add scale lines and values, define a range, as well as a score box for the user to easily see what value is being selected. This is also in spec with the EQ-5D scale.
Single choice drop-down selection
Single choice button selection
Used to collect a date and/or time
Used to check an item as true or false, or to create a multi-choice selection
Used for voice dictation using the device microphone
Used to collect photos and source documents directly onto a form using the device camera
Used to attach a video to a form using the device camera
For collecting a signature using finger or stylus
Sketch Pad
Provides an area for the user to sketch on the form. An image can also be built into the sketch area for the user to make annotations
Adds a normalized table for collecting unknown amounts of the same data repeatedly. Example: Medical History may contain a table that collects a date, event, and medication used. Read more about tables
Help ButtonAdd a button anywhere on the form which the user can tap to open a web viewer or text window. Read more here.