Log forms are forms you want the site users to be able to collect at any time on a patient. 

Common examples in clinical trials are protocol deviations, adverse events, concomitant medications, or a patient diary.

Most of the forms created in the form builder and used in a study are collected during a scheduled visit interval or at an unscheduled visit. Those are set up in the study design.

Log forms, on the other hand, need to be defined in the form properties of the form builder.

To set a form as a log form, open the form's properties and enable the Log Form option highlighted in the image below.

Log forms must also have at least one log field defined. These are the fields you want displayed on the patient records without requiring the user to open every form one at a time to see the data.

For example, on a protocol deviation form we may want to be able to see the date and reason for deviation that we are collecting on the form.

Simply open the properties and enable the Show In Log option for the field(s) needed.