Visit schedules are often a key part of a clinical trial. In TrialKit, it's important to set up the visits with needed time intervals and windows, as well as the necessary forms to collect at each of those visits. 

If this is your first study in TrialKit, it will already have a basic template of visits in place to work off of or to use for testing the forms you have built.

To configure/edit the visit schedule, tap Define/Edit Scheduled Visits from the Study Configuration in the main menu.

As seen in the image below, there is a list of visits already in place. This example will use the currently selected 3 Month Follow Up. See below the image for descriptions of each section.

From top to bottom of the screen above, this list will describe every element to consider in a scheduled visit.

Version - Select which version to change. This is only applicable to multi-version studies. Read more about version control.

Current Intervals List - Tap an item from the list to edit, tap and hold to reorder the list, or swipe left to delete.

Name of interval - Use any name/descriptor here.

Time Unit - For the time intervals defined in the next three fields, which time unit is the factor? In most studies, this will be set as Day.

Time Post Treatment - How many days/hours/minutes past the Relative Visit (described below) is this visit?

Low Range of Window - Low range of window from the time post treatment above

High Range of Window - High range of window from the time post treatment above. In this example, The window is 15 days (90 days after the procedure +/- 7 days).

Relative to Which Visit - Off of which visit should this visit be based? Time post treatment above should be dependent on this. This is not required, but the system will default to the date of patient enrollment if nothing is selected.

Visit Date Form - Of the forms selected to be collected at this visit (below), off of which form's date will any dependent interval be calculating? This is not required, but the system will default to enrollment form date if nothing is selected.

Included Forms - From the forms you have built in the Form Builder, which forms will be collected at this visit and which of those forms are required? Any forms required but not completed in its time window will be counted as a missing form by the system.

Included Activities (powered by Apple's ResearchKit) - For the current visit, which activity tests made available by Apple's ResearchKit need to be conducted? This is one of the many capabilities that makes TrialKit so powerful for researchers.

To create a new visit, tap the New link just below the current visits table.

After setting up the visit schedule, test out the study to see how it looks!

Continue reading about how to define unscheduled visits.