Unscheduled visits are ones that can happen at any point, where one or more forms need to be collected. 

If this is your first study in TrialKit, it will already have one unscheduled visit set up to use for testing purposes. 

A study can have multiple types of unscheduled visits so different forms can be collected depending on the type of unscheduled visit it is. For example, a visit due to an adverse event may have different data collection requirements than an unscheduled visit due to protocol deviation.

To configure/edit unscheduled visits, tap Define/Edit Unscheduled Events on the Study Configuration in the main menu.

As seen in the image below, there is one unscheduled visit already in place and selected (by tapping). See below the image for description of the screen.

Version - Select which version to change. This is only applicable to multi-version studies. Read more about version control.

Unscheduled Events list - Tap an item from the list to edit, tap and hold to reorder the list, or swipe left to delete. Reordering the sequence of the list will only change the order its displayed to the user, but will not affect function.

Name - Add text to describe the type of unscheduled visit it is for the end-user. 

Table Style - This feature only affects how the choices of forms are displayed to users on the website. Select Form allows the user to select from the forms individually. Display All Forms allows users to see all forms in one view. Use the Select Form option if there are several forms being collected at the visit. If only a few forms are being collected, Display All works best.

Cyclical - This adds an additional layer to each visit, primarily used in oncology studies where there are several treatments within a single cycle.

Fixed Date - When a date is entered on a new unscheduled visit, that date will automatically populate the date fields on the forms that are collected at that visit.

Included Forms - From the forms you have built in the Form Builder, which forms will be collected at this visit.

To create a new visit, tap the New link in the middle of the screen.

To see what different settings do, open the TrialKit Manager app and read this article on accessing unscheduled visits.