This article covers how to edit or delete an existing role and how to add a new role from scratch.

After opening role security, you will see a list of existing roles.

To delete a role, simply swipe to the left. 

To add a new role, tap the link at the top above the role list. 

Or tap a role to edit.

From here, you can change:

  • Role Description - Designate the desired study role
  • Hierarchy - Numeric value that establishes a relationship between roles. Any hierarchy above 200 is considered an Administrative type role. 
  • Type - Select Administrative or Site. If the hierarchy is 200 or above, it's an Administrative type.
  • Allow this role to change to a lesser role - Users with this checked for their role will see an option on their main menu screen to change to a role that is a lower hierarchy than their own. This feature is mainly used for testing different roles during UAT of a study. If this is enabled, the users with that role will see an option on their main menu to switch role

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