This article discusses the data points on a lab assessment form that need to be addressed if the system is checking range results.

The example form below shows a series of labs being collected at the study sites.

The numbered items in the image above are the three data points needed by the system to evaluate lab ranges appropriately. Read about each one below.

1. Lab site selection - This is how the user will select which lab site the labs were completed at. The system uses this to evaluate the corresponding ranges.

2. DateĀ - This is not only important for the study data, but also for the system to look at the effective date on any of the lab ranges.

3. Lab Result - In the table of labs above, the result is the only piece of data the system will need from the user. The Unit column and the Out of Normal Range column both get auto-populated by the system after the record is saved. Note, the units and range check will be instantly saved to the database when the user saves the record. However, the two auto-populated items may not be seen on the eCRF until the page is refreshed or the form is reloaded after saving.