Product Tracking is accessed through the Study Configuration menu, with proper access permissions as defined in Role security settings.

The above functions are only visible based on the user specific permissions. The purposes of each item above is as follows:

Add/Edit Inventory - To create a new inventory or modify an existing one.

Define Workflow - This is part of inital setup steps where a workflow is defined for the inventory items to follow from point of origin to the study subject (and back again if necessary).

Scan Items to Inventory - To scan items individually into the master inventory as an inventory Administrator might do. This is an alternative tool to uploading a file.

Manage Inventory - To accept or reject items from inventory. This is used by all levels of the workflow, including site users who must accept items into inventory before they can be allocated to subjects.

Scan Item To/From Inventory - As an alternative to manually managing inventory from the list (previous item), this tool allows users to scan items individually in order to accept or reject them, rather than manually selecting items visually.

Scan Items to Patient - Used by the site level users to select a specific subject in the study and scan multiple items for that one subject.

Inventory Report - Complete listing of all items and their histories, with filter options to drill into specific items.