Adding or updating products takes you to the Inventory Configuration page. This page allows you to define how your product behaves as well as define the information you wish to track with this product.

1) Each product that is being tracked appears in the Existing Inventories/Products table.

2) To add new products, tap the Add New Inventory/Product button. 

3) Likewise, to edit existing products tap the corresponding row in the table.

The following describes each component of this form:


Used to name the product. The name is used to identify the product or inventory that is currently being used.


Describes the product and is currently unused.

Package Type

Describes the type of package to be used the product is shipped.

Dispensable Day

Describes the day products are shipped. If blank then all days.

Inventory Levels - Floor

The minimum inventory level for a given site. If all sites have same floor ceiling. If not the levels are tracked in a site-specific form.

Inventory Levels - Ceiling

The maximum level of inventory for a given site. See above for site-specific inventories.

Barcode is Identifier

Each product has an identifier field. If that field is represented in the barcode, then check this box. The system will be smart enough to scan the barcode into the ID field.

Use FDA Device Registry

When scanning an item into inventory initially, the system can look for the item in the FDA device registry and fill the tracking fields automatically.

Inventory Upload File Format

Defines the components to be tracked for the current product. This also defines the file format for the inventory file if you choose to import that file.

This file format is critical. It is what allows the system to track your products and identify those products. 

Here is a sample table completed and the corresponding import form.

Notice how each column in the Upload File Format corresponds to a column in the upload table. 

Also, notice the column labeled identifier. That column designates which column in the file will be used to identify the product. The identifying column in the file must be unique and should be a serial number or something similar. There is no limit to the number of items you can track per product.

Prior to uploading, the table must be converted to a CSV file. If you are using Excel, just save the file with the file type Comma Separated Value.