How a product is tracked is defined by the product workflow. Based on the product there are probably several steps from the time you start tracking to the time the product is assigned to a particular patient. Each step that you wish to track along the way, can be defined as a workflow level. The sum of all workflow levels is the product workflow.

At each workflow level, you will assign a role. That role will be allowed to accept products into inventory and then release products from inventory. There are two types of roles; Site and Administrative. Depending on the role type, a given workflow level is either site-specific or not. For example, a distributor is NOT site-specific, but a pharmacy is. In this case, the distributor role should be an administrative role type, while the pharmacy role should be a site role type. 

This is important because when products are released from the inventory of a given workflow level, the system must determine the product's destination. If that destination is a site, then the site must be defined prior to releasing the product from inventory, as we will see later in this document.

To define a given product's workflow, tap the Define/Edit Product Tracking Workflow from the Inventory Menu. You will be taken to the Product Tracking Workflow page. Here is where you define each Workflow level, along with the role that can accept items into inventory and release items from inventory.


Because there is no limit to the number of products you can track, notice the Product drop-down control. This allows you to select the workflow for your various products. The Define New Product Workflow form, located toward the bottom of your device, allows you to add new products or change the description and/or the role of existing products. Tapping on the corresponding Product Workflow Levels row will bring up that level in the form. To switch back to add a new workflow level, simply click the New button. When you have completed defining or editing your workflow level, tap the Add Product Workflow button or if you are editing, tap the Update Product Workflow button.