There are two ways to populate the product inventory:

  • Importing Items through the Website
  • Scanning Items using the Mobile Device

Importing Items through the Website

For this document, we will assume that we are tracking 3 products, they are identified with the Inventory Name completed in the Inventory Configuration Form, documented in the prior section. The 3 products we are tracking are:

  • CG100
  • Supplies
  • Shoulder Joint

We will scan items to inventory for CG100 and Shoulder Joint. However, we are going to import items using the website, for Supplies. The following illustrates the Inventory Upload File Format and the Inventory Upload file, both described in the prior section.

Once you have defined the Inventory Upload File Format and have the data in an Excel Spreadsheet, save the data to a .csv file.

Sign into the website, dropdown the Study menu and select the Import Inventory menu option, please note you must have access to the Inventory Administration app.

Once you have completed the file upload, your items will populate the inventory of the first workflow level.

At any time you can run the Inventory Report and see the status of any or all products. The above screenshot comes directly from the inventory report.

Scanning Items using the Mobile Device

If your item has a barcode, or you have TrialKit to create a barcode, then all items can be easily scanned into inventory. Like the import, items are always scanned into the inventory of the first workflow level.

Scanning items throughout the product tracking system is highly recommended. The reason for this is accuracy. Once an item is scanned into inventory, each step along the workflow only requires that the associated user scan the item into inventory, or release the item from inventory. The system will track the item and the scanner will always identify the correct item.

Scanning is very simple. Place the barcode of the item in the Barcode window. When the scanner recognizes the barcode, it will capture the item. From there simply fill out the remaining fields, if any, and save the item to inventory. If you need to rescan an item or change any of the attributes that describe that product or item, simply tap the corresponding row in the Inventory Items/Products table and repeat the process.

The process of populating product inventories should be done by an administrator. The process of accepting items into or releasing items from inventory is up to the role that is defined in the corresponding workflow level.