Three primary roles are supported in the process of adjudicating an event form:

  • Administrator – Configure the Adjudication System using Role Security and the Form builder.
  • Adjudicator – Vote on the result of an event. This is often a couple different Investigators
  • Moderator – Manage the process and provide the final consensus on the causality of the event.

The three roles above will be what is discussed in this section of the help. However, your study may not necessarily have roles with the same titles.

In order to setup Adjudication, you must assign the Adjudicator/Moderator permissions to the roles in your study they will pertain to.  Once done you should give access to the corresponding rights in the Adjudication App. To do this, navigate to Study Configuration -> Study Role-Based Security.

This allows you to add the Adjudication Report permission to the role performing adjudication, and the same for the role doing the Moderating. Those roles should also be granted rights to the forms in which they need to adjudicate.