Note: If testing adjudication, it is helpful to have the ability to switch your own role. Read how to do that here

Enter a Record to the Target Adjudication Form

Generally, this can be done with the Administrator role. However, you may have to switch to a Site Coordinator. Once the record has been entered, then advance to the review level you selected during Adjudication Setup. That could mean switching roles to one or more reviewers to advance to the necessary review level.

Switch to the Adjudicator Role

By switching to the Adjudicator Role, we can test the Adjudication component of the process. It is much easier to test Adjudication, especially right after configuration, by switching roles rather than signing out and then signing back in as an Adjudicator. Once everything is complete and you are confident that your configuration is finished, then you may want to test with actual users.

The Adjudication Report can be found on the Reports Menu which is located on the Navigation bar at the bottom of the screen.

The Adjudication report informs all of your Adjudicators of which forms are in need of Adjudication. A red row on the report means the form has not yet been adjudicated. A green row means the form has been adjudicated. You can filter the report by All Records, Records not yet Adjudicated or Completed Records. If the report is filtered by Records not yet Adjudicated and contains no rows, then the Adjudicator is completely caught up.

To access a record that is in need of adjudication or a record that has already been adjudicated, simply tap on the record’s corresponding row in the table to the right. This will take the Adjudicator into the record and place the ballot at the bottom of the screen. The form is fully accessible, by selecting various page tabs and scrolling if necessary. In most cases, the form should be read-only. The Adjudicator then simply needs to complete the ballot and tap Save my Adjudication.

In our sample above, you can see we included an Audio Memo along with a signature. However, if you need to use less screen real estate, you can omit both those fields.

Switch to the Moderator Role

Moderating the Adjudication for a given event or visit is an optional task. The moderator takes all the adjudication ballots and makes a final decision as to the disposition of the event. That final decision is then stamped to the actual visit/event record and the process for that visit/event is complete. Switching to the Moderator role is identical to switching to the Adjudicator role, except select Moderator. Again, be sure the Moderator role is set in the Adjudication Configuration of the Form Builder and the Adjudication report is accessible in Study Role Security.


Moderate Adjudication for Any Visit

There are a few rules of Moderating. First, you must filter by form. You can have an unlimited number of different forms to be Adjudicated. Then, for each form, there can theoretically be an unlimited number of visits/events. So making all that available in a single report to the Moderator requires some organization.

First of all, a form must always be selected so if you have just one form that is being adjudicated, then it will always be selected.

If you have more than one form, you can change forms in the Adjudication Form drop-down list.

The Existing Adjudication Records table contains all the records that have been entered, in all sites for the selected form. In the sample above, there is only one record. However, in most instances, there will be many records. You can easily scroll through the table by panning with your finger to find the desired record.

The Moderator Report allows the Moderator to view all adjudications for all visits in all adjudication forms. So after you have found the desired visit in the desired form, simply tap it to view the work of all the Adjudicators.

The following shows the report when a visit has been selected. Notice the Adjudicator List along with the Adjudication Summary. These two sections show you each adjudicator and how they voted as a whole.

In the Adjudicator List, all green rows signify that the corresponding Adjudicator has completed the Adjudication process for this record. For completed adjudication records, you can tap the corresponding row and the system will drill into the record and show the entire ballet for said Adjudicator.

The Final Conclusion is where the Moderator resolves whatever is at issue needing Adjudication. Generally, the Moderator would take the majority of the Adjudicators opinions, but that rule is not enforced. The Moderator can conclude whatever she/he wants.

The Adjudication Choices are listed in the summary and the Final Conclusion drop-down list. This keeps the entire process consistent throughout.

Once, as the Moderator, you select your final conclusion, tap the Complete Moderation for Current Record button and your conclusion will be stamped to the record and moderation for that record will be complete.

All data that is entered by the Administrator, Adjudicator and Moderator is editable and can be changed following the exact same processes as when the data was originally entered.