The Monitor Report is a listing of all records at the first review level of the study. Since its most common that the first review level in a study is the Monitor Review, this report is titled as such. At the very least, the Monitor Report will list all records that are ready for review or those that have been reviewed. However, it is most valuable when the "soft" review function is being used, since it allows the Monitor to compare what has undergone soft review to what has undergone final review.

To access the Monitor report, assuming your role has the permission enabled, tap the Reports tab in the bottom navigation bar and select the Monitor Report option. The screen below will open.

Use the filter (icon highlighted in the image above) at the top right of the screen to filter specific date ranges, sites, subjects, forms, visits, or review statuses.

The review statuses include:

  • All records
  • Records awaiting initial review
  • Records changed since initial review

Due to so much information in a single view and limited screen area, there is an option to export the report to Excel by emailing it directly.