Field Level Source Verification (FLSV), or partial monitoring, offers support for field level monitoring. This is not a necessity on all studies, but is very helpful for monitors who are attempting to track specific data points. Fields that need to be monitored in a study are identified directly within the form builder. If a study is using risk-based monitoring, where fields that need to be monitored are not necessarily the same across the entire study, but rather change from site-to-site or subject-to-subject, be sure to read about risk-based monitoring capabilities.

FLSV is a property defined for individual fields within a form. Below is an example of a field with the FLSV field property highlighted.


To either set the property on all fields of a form, or to clear the property from all fields on a form, rather than setting/clearing the property on each field one-by-one, use the links on the right side of the form builder page:

As data is entered in the study and Monitors review the set fields, the Field Lock Report offers a helpful tool for tracking what has been reviewed.

Read more here about setting up a study for field level monitoring.