On the web, one of the field properties on all field types is tool tips (aka hover help). When a user filling out a form hovers their mouse over a field, a small popup window appears with help text defined in the form builder. 

On the TrialKit app, since there is no mouse and since tapping is for selections, unique help buttons can be placed anywhere on forms and defined with either simple text dynamic HTML web pages full of images, tables, and other powerful content presentation options. This includes the ability to embed PDF documents that are site specific.

The remainder of this article covers how to create a custom web page that can be linked to from either tap or hover help or linked directly from text labels on a form. Necessary role permissions are needed for access.

1. Open the Build Web Page Report page under the Website Host menu.

2. Follow the steps below to create a custom page:

1. Name the page. Make sure its unique from others that might already exist.

2. Create the content using the built-in editor, or edit the HTML using the tab at the bottom of the editor (not shown in image)

3. Save the page

4. Tap the Run report link on the right side

3. Follow the steps below to create HTML for your new page:

5. Choose the page you wish to create as HTML

6. Tap the link on the right side. This tells the system to create an HTML page in the background, which will be displayed anywhere it's linked from.

That's it!

Now you can use the URL for your new page within help buttons, hover help, or text labels directly on the study forms.  Simply copy the exact name (including spaces) of your custom page into the following URL syntax:

The format of the URL is as follows:


NOTE!  The underlined portion in the URL above must match the name of the custom page. If there are spaces, those should be included in the URL.