Web v4.5.4.e - September 9, 2018

  • Added ability to add manual queries to records which have been soft reviewed. Helpful for monitors who need to mark something reviewed even if there are queries.
  • Fixed a bug that was preventing review on records containing multiple tables which are under field-based review (FLSV)
  • Other bug patches

Web v4.5.4.d - August 12, 2018

  • Log form IDs now display on subject records page for easy referencing of unique records
  • Support for omitted review on a per form basis in the action item report
  • Under-the-hood enhancements and bug fixes

Web v4.5.4.c - July 30 2018,

  • Patch to the Monitor Report filtering and export
  • Bug fix on PDF printing

Web v4.5.4.b - July 29 2018,

  • Added subject search to the right side for convenient access to jump to the subject manager or a specific subject
  • Enhanced options for printing PDFs: Added full PDF casebook download from registration page and single PDF downloading from the subject record page dropdown view
  • Monitor Report can now be exported to Excel
  • Improved filtering and sorting on the Monitor Report
  • Number of subject withdrawals added to Dashboard Report
  • Report builder setup page now uses the field reporting labels rather than the field names
  • Option in Extract All Data to split date fields into 3 parts
  • Reporting labels for dynamic tables in forms now come out in the data extracts and form save errors dialog
  • Ability to do medical coding on records that have been reviewed
  • Bug fixes

Web v4.5.4.a - June 22, 2018

  • Added support for user-based privacy policy acceptance
  • Time zone prompting for users logging in the first time and updated list of time zone labels
  • Additional options for customized subject ID sequencing. Read more here.
  • csCoder standalone dataset importing is now extremely simple. No mapping required.
  • Visit dates no longer display in the dropdown view when subject dates are being hidden
  • Bug fixes