There are multiple option for pulling paper PDF downloads of CRFs which have been entered on subjects. 

  • Download entire casebooks - all CRFs entered on a subject - from the Subject Manager page
  • Download individually selected CRFs from within each subject's records page
  • Download study CRFs in bulk, along with queries, audit trails, and history from the PDF export tool

Each of the above are discussed here.

Entire subject casebook options (one the web):

There are two options on the Subject Manager subject listing:

1. Download a single PDF file containing all CRFs entered on the corresponding subject

2. Download a zip file folder containing separate files for each CRF entered on the corresponding subject. 

The same function is available on the mobile app:

When exporting from iOS, the file will be delivered to the iCloud TrialKit folder tied to the iCloud account of that device. 

Note: If the resulting file shows the form going off the page, its because the form has not been optimized for paper by the Study Administrator. 

On the web, Individual CRFs can be downloaded from the dropdown view of the scheduled visits table:

All CRFs can be individually accessed from the longitudinal history at the bottom of the same page:

Toe download all PDFs or multiple subjects, use the PDF export tool.