The Study Events Report serves two purposes:

It is a comprehensive listing of all actions ever taken on a study, and It can  be used to perform bulk unlocking of records (e.g. If an Investigator accidentally signed several records accidentally).

To access the report under the Reports menu, you must have the appropriate permissions in Role Security.

    1) Select Reports Icon in the navigation bar

    2) Select Study Events Report from the list

Once open, the following functions can be accomplished:

1) Filter the Report

2) Export to Excel and Email out

3) Check specific records to unlock

4) Select all currently filtered records

5) Tap to perform unlock on selected records

The Filters from item #1 above can be by date, event, and/or user name. For example, if a Data Manager needs to see all records that were saved in a certain time period, the provided filters could help with that.

Another Report that may help with related information is the Regulatory Audit Report - Subject Record Transaction Audit.