As our web and mobile apps are unified under the name TrialKit, we've made some enhancements to our QMS and release notes as well. Release notes will now contain all versions under a single release. 

This release contains the following changes:

Web v5.0

  • Several User interface and navigation enhancements within the subject manager to help improve speed for end users. This includes removal of popup windows and automatic redirecting. Read more here on the user interface changes.
  • Added support for visit cohorts. Study Administrators can read more here.
  • Added measures to prevent users from locking themselves out when attempting login.
  • Changed wording of Subject "Withdraw" to "Study Exit"
  • Fixes to PDF exports
  • Bug fixes

iOS v8.0

Android v3.0

  • Improved overall user interface
  • Added support for visit cohorts
  • Added support for auditing of user role permissions
  • Enhanced signature fields on forms
  • Bug fixes