If I create a new version of the study, do I need to separately create a visit cohort to match that version number?

The short answer is: If there are no changes to the visit schedule/forms being collected, don't bother creating a new cohort for the new version of the study.

In fact, even if there are changes to the visit schedule, we would advise making those changes directly in the already-existing cohort the subjects exist on.

The only reason to create a new cohort would be if you did have schedule changes to make and wanted to maintain traceability of the visit schedule changes over time. However, the following extra steps would be necessary as well:

1. Make the new cohort the default cohort, so new subjects enrolled get put on that cohort.

2. For existing subjects you would need to temporarily enable the cohort function and individually move the subjects to the new cohort you created. For this reason, its usually best to simply change the existing cohort rather than create a new one.