Currently only supported on the mobile app, help buttons can be used to embed larger documents or bodies of text into a popup window. They are useful to keep a form simplified and focused on the data entry, rather than putting large amounts of text directly onto the form.


Several properties can be adjusted and set for help buttons, the key items being the text that shows to the user and what opens up when a user taps it.

The applicable properties for a help button are as follows

  • Report Label - The text which displays on the help button
  • Display Consent PDF - Enabling this will map the button to the consent PDF defined within the Informed consent configuration settings.  Usually mapped to the site-specific Informed Consent document that has been upload in the Site Documents Section. 
    PLEASE NOTE!  The uploaded Informed Consent document that you upload in the site documents must not have ANY SPACES in the filename for the button to render the file

    Please Note: This setting above will also override the following two settings: 
  • Webpage URL - Opens a specific webpage for the user. Read how to create custom webpages within the system. Note, custom pages will be publicly accessible for anyone with the URL.
  • Quick Help Text - Opens a window with help text for the user to read