Web v5.2.0

  • Added the ability to define an enrollment variable so the reporting metrics quantify enrolled subjects rather than registered subjects. This allows differentiation between subjects which have been entered into the system versus ones which are actually enrolled in the study.
  • Added ability to set site enrollment goals and track progress by site.
  • Introducing TrialKit Drive and TrialKit BI - highly advanced reporting capabilities. This is a licensing-dependent tool. Please inquire with your Account Representative to learn more.
  • Enhanced Site by User Report to see user status and last sign in
  • Added option for Cohort to the report builder
  • Prompt for user's to set timezone and applicable agreements
  • Admins can view user details within the User Manager
  • Access to TrialKit Coder directly from the Subjects menu
  • Various User Interface improvements
  • Cleaned up several bugs

iOS v8.3

  • PDF exporting ┬áby site - get all subject CRFs and casebook details in folder structure exported easily to iCloud

Android v3.3

  • Regular maintenance and fixes
  • Support for PDF exporting

TrialKit Coder v3.0

  • Highly improved interface and navigation
  • Improved file importing and auto-coding on larger datasets
  • Ability to quickly add synonyms to local dictionaries
  • Several bug fixes