TrialKit Drive

TrialKit Drive is a tool which allows study Managers to access all data and metrics from a single location and schedule those exports to run daily or weekly to an SFTP. It's a cost-effective option for users who need convenient single-point access to all data and performance metrics for their own storage or report-building purposes. The following reports are provided:

  • Form Data
  • Queries
  • Event Audit
  • Data Change Audit
  • Subject Status
  • Subject Visits
  • Site Progress
  • Site Payments
  • Medical Coding (coming soon)
  • Inventory (coming soon)

Please inquire with your Account Representative for a comprehensive glossary of data variables provided directly in TrialKit Drive.

TrialKit BI

With the addition of TrialKit BI, the data can be pushed to a central data repository, or data warehouse, to produce highly valuable visual reports for important business decisions. This can even work across multiple studies - both from TrialKit and other sources.

The following are examples of the type of visual and interactive reports readily-available by TrialKit BI. 

  • Site activation and first enrolled subject 
  • Enrollments over time 
  • Overall planned study timeline and where the site/patient recruitment is at along the timeline
  • Randomizations over time 
  • Deviations by time and site 
  • Adverse Events, split by serious and non-serious
  • Open queries to site’s attention by age
  • Manually Issued queries by age
  • Required vs Missing CRFs
  • Time to data entry from target visit date
  • Pages monitored over time by site
  • Pages signed/locked over time by site

There are virtually no limitations to visual representations and information available regarding study performance and data collection. Please inquire with your Account Representative to learn more about this tool and how it can be implemented to give you the near-real time reporting needed to address the various challenges in conducting research.

Below is an example of a report which is both interactive and downloadable as a data listing to users with direct access: