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Assessing or Auditing CDS

This document provides guidance on how a Customer of CDS services can get the information needed for supplier control processes or vetting purposes

Crucial Data Solutions is held to a high standard with regard to functionality, regulatory compliance, security controls, and privacy safeguards. We assess our suppliers in these capacities, so understand the needs our own customers have when on-boarding CDS as a vendor or performing routine qualifications. If that customer is you, this guide will direct you to the best places for gathering information.

If your assessment(s) are combined across various topics, to help make the process efficient, we recommend separating those parts and using the channels listed below to obtain all the right info. 

Table of Contents

TrialKit Functions/Capabilities

A demonstration with our team is always the first necessary step for your organization to get many of these questions answered. For all other function-related questions that have not been addressed directly in demonstration, please send those to the CDS Business Representative who your organization has worked with, or else reach out to info@crucialdatasolution.com.

We also suggest exploring the TrialKit Knowledge Base for a more detailed perspective about the functions that will assist with your business objectives.

Regulatory Compliance and Quality Management

Please request access within our Trust Portal. There you will get many high level documents about CDS' approach to quality management and GCP-related regulatory measures. You will even find a separate Knowledge base within the trust portal that is pre-filled with most (if not all) of the same questions you have. Lastly, we recommend checking out our ISO 9001 matrix, also located in the trust portal, as that program helps standardize requirements that many customers ask about in different ways. 

Request Access to Trust Portal

Compliance Knowledge base

ISO 9001 matrix

Security and Privacy

Access our public Trust Portal for all of this information. If more details are needed, please request access within the portal to unlock more content.

Go to Trust Portal

Still Need More Information?

If you have gone through the channel(s) above and still can't find answers for everything you need, please submit your assessment in Excel or CSV format within the trust portal (access is required to see this option).


Manual assessments can take 2-4 weeks for processing. Additionally, responses will only be provided for questions or information that cannot be found in the trust portal. For that reason, we recommend using the many resources we provide to get the information your organization SOPs require.


Scheduling An Audit

If information provided on our website is not enough and your Organization requires a hands-on Audit with CDS Quality Assurance, please contact your Services Representative to put you in contact with the right member of our team.

Please note, all audits need to be scheduled at least 4 weeks in advance, with an agenda shared at least 2 weeks prior to the scheduled time. Audits are conducted via remote web meetings and secure file sharing.