Licensing, Billing, and Requesting Changes

How TrialKit Licensing and Billing Works, How to Request Changes


Please refer to CDS' Terms of Service for information on licensing. To request a new study, please fill out a New Study Request.

Billing Info

To make any changes to billing information (ie. payment method, billing frequency, AP contact), please contact the Billing Department at

Billing info and licensing terms are normally setup with the initial licensing agreement (SLA). Some changes may require a Change Order.

Requesting Changes

The TrialKit platform contains modules that you can add or remove for any given study. These modules are:

  • TrialKit AI
  • TrialKit BI
  • TrialKit Coder*
  • TrialKit Drive
  • TrialKit ePRO/eCOA
  • TrialKit Engage
  • TrialKit eTMF*
  • TrialKit RTSM
  • HealthKit/Apple Watch Integration
  • Various APIs

*Modules with asterisks can be used as a standalone tool.

Adding/Removing Modules

To request an additional TrialKit module or the removal of an existing module, please submit a Module Change Request.

Once the request is received by CDS, a formal Change Order will be sent to the Customer for review, approval and signature. This signature grants CDS the required approval to make any changes to the study on the date agreed to in the form.

Closing A Study

You may close a study and stop billing at any point, as long as we receive at least a 30-day notice (as is outlined in our Study Closeout Policy). Refer to How to Close A Study to initiate the process.