Participant's Schedule and Virtual Video Sessions

Accessing and Managing Your Study Calendar and Video Meetings as a Participant


If your study is enabled with an option to view your study calendar, an option will appear in the menu from both a web browser and the mobile app.

Web Browser:


After opening the details of an event, it may indicate there is an associated video meeting. If it is, close the popup window and tap the Video Room button on the left as shown below.


Mobile App:


Video Sessions

Access video meetings in the menu on the home screen of your app or web page.

Web Browser:


Mobile App:


If prompted, enter your name for the other party to see who is attending the video session.

Troubleshooting audio and video

Follow these steps in order until the issue is resolved.

1. Verify audio volume is turned up and the device is not connected to another audio device

2. If using a bluetooth or external audio device, verify it does not have mute enabled and the audio is turned up

3. Check the device permissions have given access to the microphone and camera. Here's how it looks on iOS. 

Displaying Image_20230320_101520.png

Read more here about access app permissions for:

4. If none of the above steps work, switch to another device. For example, if audio and/or video is not working on your mobile app, open the web browser on your mobile device to access TrialKit URL and attempt to open the video session that way.