Condition Actions - Disable

Disabling a Field Based on a Condition Not Being Met

Fields can be disabled based on data entered (or not entered) either on the current form or other forms (via external variables). It helps in preventing unwanted data, but where the user still has visibility of the field. 

Disabled fields can contain data. If data exists in a field before it becomes disabled, the user will be able to see the data, but not change it. This also makes it a useful tool for data that is getting populated into a field, but the study Builder wishes to keep the field from being manually changed.

Below is an example of fields getting disabled on a Vitals Signs form when a checkbox is checked.

In data entry, the systolic and diastolic blood pressure fields get disabled if the user indicates that it was not done, OR if the first question at the top is 'NO'.


In this example, the study Builder optionally chose to populate the fields as 'Blank' if the user selects Not Done. This is a good step to take if the data needs to be cleaned out in case the user had already entered something into the fields.