Conditional Actions - Popup Message

Displaying a Message on a Form Based on Data That has Been Entered

It might be necessary to instruct or prompt the user about something when data is entered or saved. This is where popup messages are helpful. However, it's important to note that these only display to the user when the form is saved. If a message needs to display dynamically during data entry (prior to saving the form), read the next section below.

Displaying a Message When the Form is Saved

In this example, the user will get prompted if they enter a value above 300 in the weight field in the Vital Signs form.


Displaying a Message During Data Entry on a Form

This method is often recommended over the one above because the message remains displayed on the form when viewing it later.

To set it up, add the message as a text label to the form. In this example, the user will get prompted to enter data into a table if they indicate Yes in the question above it.

Then simply set up a HIDE condition to make sure the label only displays when needed: