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Consent Report

Viewing the History of Participants' Consent and Re-consent

The consent report is an Administrative report to show the following:

  • Which subjects have consented
  • Consent history for each subject
  • Utility for batch revoking of consent

NOTE: This report does not enforce site membership, so should only be granted to Administrative users.


  • Study is enabled for Consent
  • User has access to Informed Consent, Run consent report

The report can be accessed via the Reports menu on the app:

The table will list each subject in the study along with their current status.
If the subject has a history of consent being revoked or redeployed, the current status will display in the first row, with the history in ascending order by date:

Revoking Consent

Consent may need to be revoked if a new version of the consent document needs to be deployed, or simply as a means of disabling access for the Participant. This can be done from the Consent Report.

Prerequisite: User has access to Informed consent, Run consent report, and Revoke Consent

Once a Participant is no longer consented, they will be prompted to provide it again before accessing any other data entry.