Consent Report

Viewing the History of Participants' Consent and Re-consent

The consent report is an Administrative report that shows the following:

This report does not enforce site membership, so should only be granted to Administrative users.


  • The study is enabled for Consent
  • User has access to Informed Consent, Run consent report

The report can be accessed via the Reports menu on the Mobile App as shown below.

The table will list each subject in the study along with their current status.
If the subject has a history of consent being revoked or redeployed, the current status will display in the first row, with the history in ascending order by date, as shown below.

Revoking Consent

Consent may need to be revoked if a new version of the consent document needs to be deployed, or simply as a means of disabling access for the Participant. This can be done from the Consent Report.

Prerequisite: User has access to Informed consent, Run consent report, and Revoke Consent

Once a Participant is no longer consented, they will be prompted to provide it again before accessing any other data entry.