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Creating Administrative/Validation Copies of Live Studies

Instructions for Creating a Copy of a Live Study


Only One Administrative (Testing) Copy of Each Production Study is Allowed Within a Host Environment.



Table of Contents

Copying Using the Web Browser

Copying Studies Using the Mobile App


Web Browser:



The red outlined box above is detailed as follows:

  1. Study Name - Add in the Study Name

  2. Sponsor Name - This is merely a label for your own reference in identifying the study.

  3. Default Study: Allows you to pick one of your built studies duplicate from a listing.

    1. Copy Sites and Users from Default Study can be included.

    2. Copy Subject data from Default Study can be included.

  4. Create your study - This will initiate the system to build your new study database.

  5. Optional: The Download Study Worksheet link is a study worksheet to document your study as its built. This serves as a great tool for study building traceability or sign-offs.


Mobile App:

  1. Tap on the Host Manager. 
  2. Tap the Study Manager.


Next "Tap Here to Add a New Study".


Fill in the fields below and hit the "Save Study" button to build your copy.


What to do next?

Consider using your new study as a base template and make another copy to work with. Whatever you do, here's a guide you can use to begin configuring your study.