Deleting Files, Forms, Subjects

Removing records, files, or entire subjects that are no longer needed

Prerequisite: User has access to the permissions delete subject, delete subject event records, and/or delete documents

For traceability and compliance reasons, deleting records does not fully delete the data. Study Administrators will still have access to deleted records and can potentially restore anything that has been deleted. 

Examples of scenarios requiring deleting:

  • A study Monitor finds a duplicate log form entered, such as a protocol deviation

  • A site Coordinator accidentally logs a Con Med not required by the protocol

To Delete records on the web, use the delete link on the right side of the table within Log Forms or the Longitudinal list of records:


To Delete records on the mobile app, swipe from right to left and tap the delete button:


Deleting Documents (files)

Within forms, documents/files can also be deleted without deleting the entire form. 
This is done on the upload field on the form where the document resides. A red ‘x' will appear (web only) if the user has the 'Delete Documents’ permission.


If the record has been reviewed/locked, files can only be deleted Administratively from the File Repository.