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Email Notification Log

Finding the History of Emails Sent to Clinicians or Other Users

Email notifications are often important to keep a study on track. Study Administrators may need to ensure the proper emails are being sent to users based on trigger activities. Emails can sometimes get lost in email wonderland, so TrialKit provides a log of what it has sent for Study Admins to reference.

Prerequisite: User is a Host level Administrator role (hierarchy 200).

Mobile App:

The email notification log is found on the iOS mobile app under the Reports menu:

This opens a tabel of emails including date sent, user email address, and subject.

Filtering will be forced by date due to the potential report size. It can also filter by a specific address or subject.

Event Types captured by this report:

  • Conditional Action based emails
  • Randomizations
  • Query notifications

For security reasons, this report will not capture:

  • Sign in information emails that are sent to users. Those can be verified within the User Manager by the date stamp indicated for the sign in information last sent.
  • Notification emails sent to Participant users