File Repository

The Central Access Point for all Files That Have Been Uploaded

When files get uploaded on forms, they can be centrally viewed from the file repository. This is also where those files can be batch exported. 


User has access to File Repository

User has access to the sites where the files are stored

The file repository is located under the Study menu on both the web and mobile app.

A table of files will open based on the site(s) to which you have access.


  1. Filter options: Site, file name, document type, or form where the file resides. The document type filter will default to subject files only. Files that exist on site or study documents can be filtered separately.

  2. List of files and where they are located. The file itself can be opened in preview by tapping on the file name. 

Export Options

  • Export to Excel - downloads the table of file information
  • Export to Zip -  downloads the files from the list displayed in the table (described below)


Batch Exporting Files

Files can be downloaded either individually or in batches by site

  • The download icon in each row will download the individually named file with the format SiteName_SubjectID_FormName_FieldName_DateUploaded_FileName

  • To download a group of files at once, use the Export to Zip link on the right side of the page. This will only display if a site is selected in the filter at the top.