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Form Data Audit Reports

Reports Showing the History of Events and Data Changes for Subject Records

This article covers how the audit reports can be viewed on screen without exporting them first, but if the audit details only need to be exported, the same can be done from data exports.

Transaction Audit

The subject transaction audit log is a history of events ("transactions") that have occurred on subject records.

Prerequisite: User has Access to Subject Audit Report

It is found on the web browser and mobile app under the Reports menu:

Web Browser:


Mobile App:



This opens a table showing the full log that can be filtered by Site, Subject, Form, data range, or User.

Transactions tracked include the following. The value for each is not shown in the report, but can be shown in some data extraction formats as the coded value for the record status.

1 = Saved Final without errors - Record Inserted Without Errors
2 = Saved Final with errors - Record Inserted with Errors
3 = Record updated without errors
4 = Record updated with errors
5 = Record Unlocked
6 = Saved as a draft
7 = Unlocked by edit check during migration
8 = Manually frozen
9 = Manually thawed
10-19 = Review levels
20-30 = Bypassed review levels
100 = Record deleted
101 = Record Undeleted
102 = Record Lock Broken - Migrated computed field
103 = Record updated because of computed field change during migration
104 = Subject Migrated to a new version
110 = Record resolved with DDE
111 = DDE resolution undone
120 = Record inserted without errors on a handoff
121 = Record inserted with errors on a handoff
122 = Record updated without errors on a handoff
123 = Record updated with errors on a handoff
124 = Record saved as a draft on a handoff
150 = Record inserted from import
151 = Record updated from import
160 = Table rows inserted from web service
161 = Table rows updated from web service
170 = Table Row deleted
180 = Medical code field updated by the medical coder
190 = Record updated with an inventory item

Data Change Audit

The data change audit lists each field change within a given save transaction.

It can be found linked on the right side of the transaction audit report as shown below.


Data Deletion Audit

The data deletion audit shows the history of records that have been deleted from within a given subject or within a table on a form. This particular audit report is only exportable. 


Study Events Report

The study events report is similar to the transaction audit discussed above, but with the advantage of seeing the current status of each record and if electronic signature has been applied.

Access it from the main audit report screen as shown below.

Read more here about the Study Events Report