Form Saving Process

Understanding the Backend Process the System Follows From a Form Being Opened Through the Save Routine

When configuring forms full of various conditional actions, some of which depend on external data, its important to have an understanding of the flow that the system follows when a user opens a form, fills it out, and taps the Save button. That process is detailed here.

  1. Form opened by a user
  2. Populates and computes run. Values display in fields if applicable, but data has not yet been committed/saved.
  3. As data is entered, when a field loses focus, conditions are evaluated for Hiding, Disabling, Populating, and Popup messages
  4. The form is saved by the user
  5. Computations rerun
  6. All Data is saved
  7. Edit checks run
  8. Cohort is updated based on the condition
  9. ePRO diary is built if the form is the trigger
  10. Randomization runs
  11. Email Notifications run