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Grant Rights to All Host-Level Forms

Providing Access Rights to all Forms for all Users for Host Level Forms

To access this function hover the mouse over the Website Host menu item and select the Grant Rights to all Forms for all Users.

This allows a user to avoid going through each specific form rights when all that needs to be done is give all roles full access to the forms (both read and write access). This is not access to change the form design, but rather to have the capability of viewing and editing the data on host-level forms.

There are two types of form rights that are customizable by the Study Designer: View and Edit. If a user has access to a given application, the user should also have access to the forms within that application. However, when forms are imported or the form rights are altered, there may be a  need to grant all user roles both of those rights to all forms.   Of course, there may also be a need to allow certain users or roles access to only some host level forms.  In this case, the Study Administrator will need to go through the Role Manager one form at a time.

Upon selecting the button labeled “Click To Grant Full Access for all Users,” the button will disappear and note the changes that were made.