Handoff Mode

Accessing and Using Handoff Mode for In-person Visits With a Study Participant

Handoff Mode is an alternative to allow a participant to complete their forms in person. This mode locks and disables other functions of the app so a device can be handed over to a participant for completing a form or a set of forms.

Limitation of handoff mode:

TrialKit can only prevent the user from navigating to other places within the app. It is not able to prevent exiting the app and using the device. This must be done through device accessibility or restriction settings on the device.


  • The Site user handing off the device has permission under Subject Record management, Manage Handoff Mode
  • The study contains ePRO forms

Use the Handoff icon, found in the Subject Manager screen to open a list of subjects to choose from. 

Mobile App:

This is where the Site user should select which participant the device will be handed off to.

Notice for each subject, the system will display any forms currently due to complete.

If consent is being enforced for the study and the subject has not consented, the consent form will open before other forms get listed.

Once the Participant is finished with form(s) and the device is handed back to the Site user, tapping the Done button will require the Site user to sign back in and continue navigating within the app.


Handoff mode can also be accessed in the toolbar of any ePRO form directly.


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