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International Classification of Diseases (ICD) Reference

Using the Integrated ICD Search Tool

TrialKit provides a convenient method for referencing ICD diagnostic and procedure dictionaries directly from within data entry on forms. Terms and codes can be easily searched and auto-populated within a given text field on the form. 

Accessing and Using the ICD search

If a form is configured by the designer for ICD capabilities, no other special permissions are needed for someone who needs access. Any field where ICD code and description is being requested will automatically open the ICD search window when focus is put on that field.


Search a term or code to see a list of filterable results:

Select any term to populate into the target field.

The popup window for searching results may vary depending on the dictionary version being used. 

Alternatively, If ICD is enabled for the study, and fields on the form are not tied to the ICD dictionary, users can manually search via the button at the top of the form and then copy and paste the desired information into any text field on the form.



Configuring a form for ICD referencing

Prerequisite: Study is enabled for ICD Coding within the study configuration settings

To enable ICD search-ability within a form, set the field’s type property to the necessary ICD version. This can be done on any text or memo field:

There are three types that can be mapped to a field:

  • ICD-10 diagnosis
  • ICD-10 procedure
  • ICD-11 API

ICD-11 is the first version to include an API that TrialKit leverages directly. It's currently only supported by the organization for Diagnosis coding. If Procedural codes are needed, the built-in ICD-10 dictionary must be used.